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A successful workplace project all starts with Officewise®, and you have our promise you'll love the result. But you don't have to take our word for it—we've built our legacy with local clients over more than a century.

COSM Chairs
“The differentiating factor with Officewise is just that really personal level of service. They know us, we know them (they're) a phone call away; they know who we are and what our needs are. They're our first phone call, whenever we need something, whether its furniture wise or office supplies, we call Officewise. As far as rating the experience, obviously it's a ten. They're just fantastic, and we'll always work with Officewise as long as they'll have us. ”
Lubbock Symphony Galen Wixson | CEO and President
“During the planning years for the new nursing building on the LCU campus, the LCU nursing department leadership and the Covenant School of Nursing leadership team worked closely with Officewise for individualized faculty/staff choices for each office furniture and color selections. We worked closely with Officewise to furnish the classrooms, atrium area, and faculty and staff offices with aesthetically pleasing colors mixed with true functionality in each area. We have been in our building over five years and the furnishing in all areas remains beautiful to this day after years of use by many students! We recently needed to re-order more student electrified tables for the classrooms. The new tables match perfectly with the older ones. The whole process to re-order tables went smoothly without any trouble. We have experienced excellent service with Officewise over many years and look forward to any future interaction with this company. For all of us that worked with Officewise on the furnishing of this beautiful building...thank you!”
Lubbock Christian University Dr. Cindy Ford | Director of Undergraduate Nursing
“We have partnered with Officewise for over 10 years now. Through this partnership, Officewise has not only helped us cut costs with competitive pricing for office supplies and furniture but has also emphasized additional value offerings, such as convenient desktop delivery services. We have purposefully kept our business with Officewise, as their service and staff are unmatched.”
University Medical Services Greg Roberts | Director of Supply Chain Services

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