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Sit-Stand Workstations

Sit & Work, Stand & Work, Repeat………..
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Sit-to-Stand Front View
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Sit-to-Stand Add On Option
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Sit-to-Stand Desk
Our bodies are not made to sit all day. By changing your posture throughout the day you can increase your energy, burn more calories, increase blood flow, and help to keep your posture in a neutral position which may reduce strain on your muscles. Let’s face it, who would not want to burn more calories just by standing up. Sit-Stand products allow for flexibility to your work environment. We should move around, as often as possible. Just as you should not sit all day, standing is not the answer. A work environment should provide options, freedom of choice, for the user. We can help you select which product best suits your needs and your budget. Products can be added to your existing furniture to allow for the flexibility of sitting and standing, or we can show you a variety of desks and tables that have the technology integrated into their function.
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